Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 22 in the field

Sorry I haven't updated you in so long. I wish I could say it was because I've been too busy. But in truth, it's just that nothing especially noteworthy has happened, just regular missionary stiff that I haven't wanted to bore you with. I guess I'll try harder to keep you updated with all the entertaining minutia that make up my days.

Last Sunday, my companion and I got to speak in Stake Conference. It's funny because people think this gets easier with time. Personally, I don't think it does. I was still pretty stressed out sitting on the stand, looking at all the people watching. Seven wards make quite a few people. They weren't all sitting in front of me, but I knew the people in the other buildings were watching the video feed and imagining them might have been worse than actually seeing them. But it went really well, because we were talking about the Gospel and missionary work, the same thing we do every day. just with a lot more people listening. And what better thing is there to do than to share a message of hope, that there is something better that we can all find and that our lives can always improve? There is nothing better.

This week I went on exchanges, so for twenty-four hours I had a new companion and I went out to Riverton. Exchanges are always weird for sisters, because you're generally with a total stranger in an area you have never seen before. I knew my companion a bit because we went on exchanges together about six weeks ago. This exchange was pretty fun. It was nice to get out of Sandy for a day and see what another part of my  mission is like. I love Sandy, but it's the only area I have ever known on my mission, so it was cool to be in a different area, if only for a day.

This week I got to try a new food: grits. I learned that I hate them. So, hey, I may not be in a foreign mission or anything, but I still get to try disgusting and foreign (to me) foods.

Yesterday, my companion and I got to go to a fireside for the youth. The speaker was the defensive coordinator for the University of Utah football team, Kelani Setaki (It's possible I completely butchered that spelling). It was a pretty cool fireside. He talked a lot about how we shouldn't worry so much about what is cool or in style because those things fade away, but there are more important things that never go away, like our parents. He also talked for a while about how we all need to recognize the value of women. One of my favorite quotes from his presentation was when he said "Be tough like a girl!" He was an awesome speaker and a great person. Naturally afterwards when I met him he wanted to talk to me about Red Mountain's football and the players that he had recruited to the U, so that was less interesting to me.

The people here are great, but sometimes they make me uncomfortable. For instance, today I was grocery shopping and when I went to pay, this woman ran up and paid for my groceries before I could. I know I should be grateful that this generous woman did this for me, but it really just made me more uncomfortable than anything else. But if I have learned anything on my mission, it's that good things rarely happen when we are comfortable. We have to go through trials, and pain, and discomfort in order to grow. Heavenly Father's plan was not that we come here and be comfortable. He wants us to learn and grow, and in order to do that we must sometimes pass through times that include pain or discomfort.

I love all of you and would love to hear from you!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Febuary Post

Happy Valentine's Day!

The memebers are so nice!  Diana feels so loved.

With a member of the Presidency's wife and companion.