Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What is Happening to March?

Diana is coming home that's what!!
She comes home on March 26th.  Her homecoming talk will be April 19th @ 9:00 am  Preston Building, Mesa.

News from Diana:
I feel as if it was just the new year, but I suppose it is not anymore.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This week I saw some interesting animals in someone's front room. Basically everyone here hunts and has dead animals everywhere, so you just kind of get used to them. But occasionally you'll see some that are particularly interesting. This bear was shot with an AK-47 held together by wire and duct tape, in Siberia. It also almost killed the man before he killed it. Pretty intense. 


The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I got to see a family I loved be united for eternity in the temple. I know that Heavenly Father's plan for each of us is to be with our families forever and that this is possible only by the priesthood authority of God. I am so happy for this family and for all of God's children who take the steps to make back to our Father in Heaven.

Sister MacGregor, Sister Loveless, Sister ?, Diana

Monday, March 2, 2015

How Are You Liking Mortality So Far?

Mortality is great isn't it? It's all about finding joy in the trials and doing what Heavenly Father wants for us, even when it is hard. I definitely have gotten that the past few weeks.

The last little while in rewind:

A couple weeks ago I was walking down the street having a completely normal evening, when my skirt decided it was done being worn. Right there on the street my skirt just fell off. Luckily there was no one on the street but my companion and I. We had a good laugh and went on with our evening.

This week, These are some things that happened:

I got my first jury summons! Unfortunately, I will be on my mission still, so I'll have to pass on that civic duty. But it made for an exciting way to start off the week as I pondered the possibility of spending my last weeks on a mission in jail for not showing up. Luckily that was all taken care of and I will be fine. 

On Thursday I had an interview with my amazing mission president, President Chambers, and we discussed the last little bit of my mission. It is really not okay that my mission ends with this month. What am I supposed to be doing when I'm not preaching the gospel every day. I guess I'll figure it out one day. 

The next day we went to go talk to someone we're teaching. Unfortunately she wasn't available so we went on our way down the street. It was getting a little bit chillier, so I decided to put my coat on. The name tag that I keep on my coat has a very weak pin and has cause me trouble my whole mission. Well, as I was putting my coat on I saw my name tag detach itself, and tumble through the air as if in slow motion until it plopped into...

A storm drain...

My companion and I both grabbed long sticks and proceeded to poke and prod and pull at it until... We got it out! Success! After some hand sanitizer and kleenex, it was as good as new! Well, maybe not as good. But good enough.

This week, there were lots of trials, but more blessings. I am loving every day and finding joy in every moment. This week it even snowed again! What is there to complain about?

Diana and Sister Loveless