Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 6 in the Field!

This week has been crazy! Five noteworthy things happened this week:
1. We had our first snow yesterday morning! It didn't ever stick to the ground or anything, but it stuck to us, until we walked in a building, it melted and we were soaking wet. Apparently you need an umbrella in snow. Who knew? More snow is something to look forward too. I think the weather's changing for real now and is going to start being winter. It's been in the forties of fifties for the past couple days, and this time I think it's going to stay that way. YAY WINTER!
2. Saturday morning we locked ourselves outside our house... We were going to take the trash out a little after eight because we had inspectors coming to look at the house and make sure it was up to code. It was only going to be a short trip to the trash can so naturally we did not take our keys or our phone, or put on tights or boots or anything. Then the door was locked that is NEVER EVER locked, and we were stuck outside in only our regular proselyting clothes, so skirts and shirts with a light jacket. We just kept praying and knocking on the door until our host heard us and let us in. We thought we'd only been out for around twenty or thirty minutes but when we got inside we found out we'd been outside for over an hour. We laughed so hard. Knock and it shall be opend unto you, even if it takes a little while. The Lord is teaching us patience, and we are doing all we can to learn.
3. The other day we were getting a ride from this woman to a meeting we had to go to, and she was an insane driver. it was suppsed to be a five minute car ride and we were in the car for about a half hour, and believe you me, it was not because she was driving slow. We almost died like every ten seconds. At one point she turned down a one way road going the wrong direction, and there were cars coming at us. I guess she didn't hear me say "Uh, you can't turn left here..." because she definitely did. But hey, we got there and back alive.
4. This week we caused a car accident which was awkward... We weren't even in a car or on the street at the time... Sister Lewis and I were waiting on the side of the road to cross. This kind man stopped to let us cross and the guy behind him was on the phone so he didn't see that the car in front of him was at a complete stop. Yeah... that didn't end well. Pay attention when you're driving! Be safe!
5. The most exciting thing that happened this week was that we got a new investigator! We've been trying to meet this girl for the past six weeks and this week we finally got to meet with her and teach her about Jesus Christ and all the opportunities He has given us, and everything that our loving Father in Heaven has blessed us with. It was awesome!
The mission is amazing! I love this work and I love this people. I love you all so much, but more importantly Heavenly Father loves you.
Have a magnifcent week.

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