Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transfers and Growing Pains

March 17, 2014

So this week I finally got transferred. I am not in Sandy anymore, but I am now in Herriman. My new companion's name is Sister Gariby and she is from Galveston, Texas.

Sister Revolorio finished off Sandy in style by going to a church party and talking to some people.

I got my companion on Wednesday, and she is fresh from the MTC. Here we are on Sister Gariby's first day in the field. Pretend the picture isn't crazy blurry. These things happen.

That's our "bedroom" that we're standing in because right now we're living in someone's theatre room on some mattresses. Proof that missions are always an adventure, even when you serve in Utah. We're living with a couple other sisters and they got a hold of my camera. These are the sisters: Sister Araujo on the left and Sister Wall on the right. I left the MTC at the same time as both these sisters. Sister Wall and I were roommates in the MTC so it's fun to be living together again.

This is the first time I have gotten transferred on my mission, so I'm now in my second area. It's also the second time that I have whitewashed, which means that neither of us missionaries were in the area before and we're pretty much starting from ground zero. The only difference between last time and this time is that now I am the senior companion so I am expected to know what I am doing and I'm responsible, when last time this happened it was my first day being a missionary and no one expected me to know what I was doing. Pretty much it's like I started my mission over this week which is a tad stressful. 

But, that's how Heavenly Father helps us grow, by putting us in stressful, scary circumstances. When we were little and growing we had to go through painful growth spurts. And now we still get to go through painful growth spurts, it's just spiritual and emotional growth. I know that the Lord never expects from us anything that we cannot rise to, so I just have to have the faith to rise. Heavenly Father will always give us the strength to be exactly who He needs us to be, we just have to remember to turn to Him at all times and in all things. He expects us to come here and do hard things, but He doesn't expect us to do them alone. He will always be there for us. He never turns His back on us, we just have to remember not to turn our back on Him.

I love all of you and would love to hear how you're doing. 
Have a wonderful week!
Diana with Sister Revolorio on last day in Sandy. 

New Companion Sister Gariby on first day in Herriman.

Roommates: Sister Araujo on the left and Sister Wall on the right.

New Missionary Poster for the Stake.  Missionaries Can do it all!

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