Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Area?

I got transferred this week! I definitely didn't think that would happen. I don't know how, but I kind of convinced myself I would be in Herriman for the rest of my mission. Well, that's not the case. I was transferred to Riverton this week. I love Herriman, and it will always be what I consider it my mission "home" because I love it so much and I spent so much time there, but I already love Riverton too. Leaving Herriman was really hard though, when I got the call I couldn't stop crying for a while. Change is hard, but when the Lord says "move" you move.

My companions right now are so much fun. We get along really well, and they are two of the kindest, funniest, most genuine people ever. Sister Mobley and Sister Gull and I are already a great companionship. Everyone assumes it's temporary and one of us must be waiting on a visa or something, but nope. We're just your regular companionship, only there are three of us instead of two. 

This week we got to do some actual service. Most people won't let us help them with anything, but the bishop of one of our wards has a pumpkin patch, and so they needed help washing some of their little pumpkins. We got to help out and do some service, and in return they let us choose some tiny, adorable pumpkins to take home. I completely forgot to take pictures of them, but I will soon and send them home. 
Diana, Sister Gull and Sister Mobley
Well, no more time this week, but I love you all!

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