Monday, October 20, 2014

On a Tandem with Christ

Last Monday my zone went on a hike and at the top of the hill we could see basically our entire mission. Here it is, the Salt Lake City South Mission:

So we have a new method of transportation over in Riverton:

Diana and Sister Gull
Learning to ride a tandem is a pretty interesting experience. It requires a lot of trust for whoever is on the other seat, especially when you are on the back. 

While on the back you have no control of where you are going, when you start and stop, and you can't really see where you are going. Whoever is in the front has total control of all movement of the bike, so they definitely need to be able to safely control.
A couple nights ago we were cruising down the street, going a pretty decent speed when my companion steered us into the lane of traffic. There was no car in the lane at the time, but I knew there were cars that would be there at some point. I had a very minor panic attack thinking she would kill us both, when I looked over and saw the large roadwork sign that my companion was steering us away from, so that we wouldn't crash into it.

From the backseat where I was sitting, I could see the sign, so I couldn't see that we were in any danger. But I could definitely see the line that we were crossing taking us out of the bike lane. I had started to panic because I couldn't see what was ahead, and thus couldn't see that we needed to make any changes in our course of travel.

Our lives are exactly like that. We don't know what is ahead, we just know what is right now in front of us. We don't know when sometimes the course we are taking is leading us toward danger. But Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know. They can see where we are headed, and they know what we need to do to avoid any danger that might come out of the darkness. The trick is having the faith and trust to follow them without question and without fear.

I had to have the trust that Sister Gull wasn't taking me into the street for no reason, and that she had our best interest at heart. Similarly, we all have to have the trust that when Heavenly Father guides us and calls us to do something scary and seemingly disastrous, Jesus Christ will be at the head of the tandem guiding us to safety and making sure we don't get hurt. Trust in the Lord and all will be well. He knows the way, and He will always save us. 

I love you all! Have a magnificent week!

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