Monday, November 3, 2014

Miracles Happen, Once in a While. If You Believe

A couple months ago, there were different sisters in the area that I am now serving in. They were asked by our stake president to do an service activity for the community. They came up with the idea to do a clothing swap (with live music), and the clothes left over would go to a homeless shelter. They got the word out, and got things started, then they were both transferred out of the area, and Sister Gull and I were left to pull everything together. Now here is what we thought it would look like basically the whole time:

But, God proved once again that He works miracles if you have a little bit of faith. My companion and I had faith about the size of a mustard seed for this activity. And that was plenty, Heavenly father worked a miracle in Riverton, Utah this weekend. 

We had people there the whole time, and everyone was happy. We had so many clothes there that we had an entire 17 foot trailer full at the end to go to the homeless shelter. We also had enough musicians to last the entire evening, something I really just didn't think would happen.

God works any miracle we need Him to. Have faith, it will work out. 

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