Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I did not move this week. I am still in Sandy West. What did change is that I got a new companion. Saying goodbye to Sister Lewis was a hard thing to do. She became my best friend in the three months we were companions. But now I am companions with Sister Revolorio who is from Guatemala, and she is super awesome. We get along really well and have fun being missionaries together.  
We had another baptism this past Saturday. His name is Dysen and he's nine. He is a super sweet kid. The first time we met with him we asked him to be baptized and he told us that he wanted to. When we asked him why he said "Because I want to be a son of God." I was so happy to see him get baptized. It was kind of a stressful day though because both our district leader and our zone leaders came and brought investigators, and we were late to the baptism. We felt terrible but there was nothing we could do. Our ride never actually made it over to our house. The baptism started at ten so we asked her to pick us up at nine fifteen, but at nine fifty, we ended up just walking over to her house. I was more than a little bit stressed. But it went beautifully and the spirit was strong.
Diana and Sister Revolorio and Dysen and Man

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