Monday, December 23, 2013

Week Twelve in the Field!

This week was awesome. I had some pretty hilarious and some pretty spiritual experiences.
I'll start off with the hilarious. So I tend to get some very interesting compliments that always make me smile. This week I was told that I looked like the kind of person who should work at Disneyland, that I just have a happy face. I was also told that I would make a beautiful mermaid. Both of these made me laugh, but who would turn down either compliment? I also received a terrible insult from a child who was trying to compliment me. We were sitting at dinner and everyone was just chatting and this young girl sitting next to me turns to me and just says, "You're so common." Everything at the dinnertable went completely silent, and I just stared at the little girl for a minute. Come to find out she was trying to say that I was calm and just didn't know the word for that. Calm is definitely better than common.
This week we got a sweet surprise from some members of the ward. They secretly dropped off a mini Christmas tree and ornaments so that our room can be more festive. Sister Lewis and I put it up the very night we got it and it adds just the festivity to our room that we needed.
On Thursday I got to perform at a Christmas devotional with my companion and a couple of the elders from the mission. This was the first time I have performed on the mission other than at dinner appointments. It was nervewracking after not singing for so long, but it went really well. We sang "What Child is This" and we were told it was amazingly beautiful so we'll just have to take my mission president's wife's word for it.
Lastly, and most importantly:  
This week VIVIAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was so awesome! Let me tell you a little bit about our experience with Vivian. In October, her daughter (who is a member of the Church) asked us to meet her mom. That evening we went to a ward Halloween party and lo and behold there was Betty with her mom Vivian. We met her and even had dinner with them talking and having a good time. Afterwards, Sister Lewis and I were like, "Awesome, we met Vivian. She was pretty nice but I'm not sure why Betty made such a point for us to meet her. So about a month went by and Betty came up to us after church and said "I didn't want you to just meet my mom. I wanted you to meet with her." So, Vivian wasn't a member of the Church but everyone thought she was because she's been coming to church every week for a couple years. So we went over and we started teaching her the lessons. I've never seen someone so willing to just make the changed that she knew were right, once she found out about them. Vivian is so special and I'm so glad that I got to work with her and help her on her journey to come to know God more and to make essential covenants with Him. After she came up out of the water at her baptism her five year old grandson yelled "That. Was. AWESOME!" It was the sweetest thing.
I hope all of you are doing well. I'd love to hear from you! I love you all!

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